Help…! It’s 1928!

Help…! It’s 1928!

by Laura Jerrolds

Riley sets off to Walt Disney World to celebrate her high school graduation.

She’s thrilled to stay at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn—the resort inspired by Atlantic City at the turn of the century. After an overwhelming senior year, she’s finally ready for a vacation.

But when her sister, Lexie, buys her a graduation gift—a magical key-shaped necklace from the gift shop, her world shifts. Riley is transported back to 1928 in the real Atlantic City. Thrown into the past, she becomes a total misfit. No one has ever seen a pair of Mickey ears before!

All Riley wants is to find a way back to Walt Disney World. But when she meets a girl named Eleanor, that wish becomes more complicated. Eleanor has troubles of her own, and Riley is determined to help. Above all, she finds herself torn between the past and the present. How could she ever leave her new best friend in the middle of it all?

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