The Remarkable Adventures of Deets Parker Book 2

by J. Davis Henry

In a remote Caribbean village, a curing ceremony reveals links to the mysterious Monster Alley back in New York City.

The artist Deets Parker has fled his stateside troubles, only to find himself in a life-threatening odyssey in the wilds of Venezuela.

Struggling through an Andean jungle, Deets’ survival depends on the mercy of a band of communist guerrillas, the whims of two dancing half-humans, outmaneuvering a persistent jaguar, and trusting a murderous hermit.
A slave to his appetites, whether in a high mountain valley or a rural ranch, Deets continues to enmesh himself in problematic and risky romantic relationships.

The Remarkable Adventures of Deets Parker uncovers a miraculous connection to ancient powers. What does this discovery of secret knowledge mean to a mortal like him?

Deets’ story of mystic happenings, drug use, and personal growths and failures takes place amidst his sexual awakenings and confusions, expressed in explicit language.

Book Two of a three-book continuous story.
Adult Content.

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