Modern Medicine: Getting Better or Bitter? Reflections of a Clinician

Modern Medicine: Getting Better or Bitter?

Reflections of a Clinician

by Dr. Sanjeev Mangrulkar

Modern Medicine, also called as Allopathic Medicine happens to be the chief, scientific mainstream system looking after the health of the societies all over the world. It boasts of its true scientific culture, transparency in approach, it is progressive all the while and is quick to respond to the needs of society from time to time. The last few decades have witnessed a great progress in medical science through research and technological innovations. Along with this growth, the modern medicine has also developed many weaknesses, its chief scientific foundation is getting corroded. It is failing in its goal to deliver health to the society and has started generating phobia of diseases in the minds of people. It is getting less cost-effective and less pragmatic. This book covers the pathology of this process, it shows how the science is getting perverted, how statistics is being misused, how the technological and scientific progress is being used to generate business. The health care system is getting heavily monetized. Hospital industry is getting corporatized. The Mediclaim insurance policies are being projected as the need of society. Medicine thus has become a business of money. This has led to moral degradation. The book discusses all these issues, suggests some innovative solutions wherever possible. It intends to put forth two important points- how morality is a product of social values and finally; how mind is responsible for many of the human reactions.This book aims at readers, medicos or otherwise, who love reading thought provoking material and who believe that reading is equally an active intelligent process as writing is. Starting from technical aspects of medicine, it escalates to discuss social, economic, moral, ethical, philosophical issues as seen through the narrow window of medical science. Any science in its highest evolved form has to embrace philosophy, this book attempts at that. The book should be treated as a frank introspection of medical practice in modern times by an active medical practitioner, chiefly in the Indian context. It intends to introduce non-medical persons to the intricacies of medical science, medical practice and medical decision making. Simultaneously, it challenges the thought process of medical practitioners and wants to create an awareness in their sensitive minds regarding the possible shortcomings of the modern medical science. The aim is not only to generate conscientious, humane pragmatic medical practitioners; but also, to generate intelligently curious patients who would help their doctors in improving their practicing skills and standards. A combination of good doctors and equally good patients is needed to maintain the highest standards in medical practice. The aim of medical practice is not only to alleviate bodily suffering, to prevent and treat deformities or merely to prolong life; but it is also to add happiness to everyone’s life. This book kindles the quest for the same.

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