by William H. Nelson

A small town on the edge of nowhere had seemed like the perfect place for Dr. Barnaby Williams to start his private practice. But, when a horrifying encounter during a therapy session has him doubting his own sanity, it becomes clear that something sinister is going on in his sleepy little town. Something that goes far beyond the rigid boundaries of his own scientific beliefs.

Convinced by his assistant, Terry Bradford, that he has a responsibility to help his patients in any way that he can, they embark upon a journey of terrifying discovery, leading from the depths of a dream to the very edges of madness itself.

However, as they fight to keep the madness from spreading, a malevolent presence works to advance its own hidden agenda. Growing more powerful by the hour, it will stop at nothing to succeed before they can unravel the mystery of its unholy desires.

Will the fragile, newborn bond between them be strong enough to help them overcome their individual demons before the darkness overwhelms them? Or will the gates of the monstrous cataract be flung wide once more, allowing something unutterably evil to reclaim this planet for its age-old masters?

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