Physically In, Mentally Out

Physically In, Mentally Out

Navigating Your Exit From Watchtower

by Bethany Leger

Many Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide are desperate to leave the Watchtower organization. If they leave, however, their devout Jehovah’s Witness family will be required to sever ties. Physically In, Mentally Out: Navigating Your Exit from Watchtower explores the dilemma of the PIMO, an acronym for the secret non-believer who is physically in the organization, but has mentally checked out. These individuals have formed an underground community that is unprecedented in the age of social media, and are growing in their resistance to Watchtower tyranny. Written by a former Jehovah’s Witness of 30 years and now certified life coach, Physically In, Mentally Out is a practical, no-nonsense guide filled with questions and exercises to help the reader gain clarity and increase their confidence amid the pain of leaving Watchtower.

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