Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream

A very thin slice of life about advertising and death

by Vincent Michael Vassolo

After 44 misspent years in the advertising business, Vincent Michael Vassolo has written a pipe dream of a book about how a newly minted copywriter was suddenly catapulted to the top of the ad game despite having Crohn’s disease, an appetite for high-stakes poker, a head full of pot and little talent, save for being able to come up with Big Ideas on demand. This book chronicles how that copywriter helped launch a new cigarette brand and his career during 1969-70. Because it is written as a period piece, it is totally inappropriate in terms of tone, language and psychosocial concepts like sexism when compared to today’s cultural sensibilities. It also takes a deep dive into the controversial subject of rational suicide. So, if you’re easily offended, please save yourself now and walk on by.

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